Weekend Exercise: Pacing
Shot on location in Chicago, Ill
"Can I Sit Next To You" | ‘Solaris’ (2002) Motion Picture Soundtrack

Demo Reel | 2014

Colchester 48 Hour Film Challenge | “It Was Emotional”

Title: It Was Emotional

Dialogue: “Sounds like fun, but its not for me.”

Action: Cover head with towel and walks five steps

An art book exploring a world where all technology is powered by biological engines that are deeply linked to humans.

The sleek animation was produced by the legendary Patrick Morgan a.k.a Buster Moody


Produced by Hooah Interactive Communications. I had the opportunity to be a Cinematographer/Editor for this project. This video was filmed in three days at the annual Sun n Fun Fly-In & Expo in Lakeland Florida.

The team was comprised of a crew of 5 using a Red Scarlet, a Canon 5D MkII, a Canon 7D, Go Pros, and also the 550D on various rigs using sliders, jibs and a steadicam.

The film was designed to draw on the inspiration and spirit of aviation of this unique event.


Honda Grand Prix | World Challenge

Shot With: Canon 550D

Color Correction: Apple Color

Soundtrack: “Four Letter Words” - Pete Samples

Email: Tmoyo96@Gmail.com

A compilation of projects and footage captured, color corrected, and edited between July 2011 through December 2011.

Email: Tmoyo96@Gmail.com

Camera: Canon T2i


Color Correction:Final Cut Pro 7

Music: “Returns a King” [300 Soundtrack]

I’v been wanting to do a video that incorporates true slow mo for the longest time. There’s just something about it that was gripping for me. I was recently hired as a camera operator for Defiant 7 MMA Fight Night. I thought that it would be a perfect time to shoot some of the footage in a high frame rate. This short was the result of what I captured.